PreMade Volume Lashes

Want a little more than your natural lashes? Dun dun dun daaahhhhh, we present to you, volume lashes! Volume lash extensions are the way to go if you want just that, volume. These lashes will make people think "Are those your natural lashes?" in no time!

Pre-Made Volume Lashes

Volume lashes can be made my manually making each of your lash fans on the fly or by purchasing premade volume lashes from ProLash.

Our premade lashes have short stems, come in sizes between 9mm to 18mm with different fan quantities for each lash client. Our premade lash fans allow that client that wants a natural lash look to get just a little more volume than they’d normally want from a classic lash set. We find that most lash clients will move from classic lash extension sets into hybrid sets with our premade fans. The premade fans will seamlessly fill in any clients natural lashes without ever being unnatural. For those who like a very full lash set, we offer 10D premade lash fans, which will give your client a dense set they’ve always wanted. Whether you’re interested in a 3D, 5D, 7D, or 10D premade volume fans, we’ve got what you and your client are looking for.