Lash Extension Retention

What effects Lash Extension Retention?

 Allow Lashes to Cure Properly

Lashes require 24-48 hours to completely cure.  It is important that you do not get the lash extensions wet during this time period of curing.  Technicians may use a Nano Mister that is designed to instantly polymerize the glue using a fine mist of water.  Technicians must wait a few minutes for the top layer of the glue to dry before polymerizing.  Water on lashes too soon from Nano Mister or a water source may cause the glue to crystalize and turn white.  This may also cause irritation to the eye. 

 Lash Growth Serums

Lash growth serums are considered any product that stimulates the growth of lashes during the lash cycle, such as Latisse,  Careprost, Revitalash or I-Lash Pro.  Serums speed up the lash cycle process and therefore lashes shed faster.  Lash enhancers are great because they tend to stimulate the growth of lashes and give clients a fuller looking lash set.  The down side is you may need to get fills more often as it speeds up the lash cycle. 


Thyroid medications can create a more oily, dry lash area or even more brittle lashes.  Some medications change the bodies chemistry and decrease the bonding of lashes and therefore decrease the longevity of eyelash extensions.   Vitamins that stimulate hair growth may cause your lashes to grow and therefore shed more often also.  You will have thicker lashes but may need to get fills more often. 

 Use Oil-Free Skincare Products and Makeup

Oil breaks down lash gllue and causes lashes to fall off the natural lash prematurely.  It is important that you check all products that come in contact with your eye area and make sure they are oil-free.  Many Mascaras also break down the lash adhesive.  Waterproof mascara can be extra hard on lash extensions and cause them to fall out early.  Our IB Clear or Black Diamond Coating Sealants are safe to use with eyelash extensions.  Please use sealants in moderation and clean lashes daily when using.

 Use Appropriate After Care Lash Instructions

It is important to brush your lashes day and night to straighten lashes and remove foreign debris.  It is important to remove all oil, salt and debris from lashes daily using an appropriate eyelash extension cleaner like ProLash Eye and Lip Protein Remover.  Oil and salt from tears left on lashes will break down the glue and cause lashes to fall off prematurely.  Also, cleaning lashes keeps the natural lashes healthy and reduce the risk of Bletharitis or other eye diseases from occurring.  It is also recommended that clients and technicians use our IB Clear or Black Diamond Coating  Sealant to protect lashes.  These sealants can be used throughout the lash cycle as long as lashes are cleaned regularly before reapplying the lash sealant. 

 Sleeping, Picking or Rubbing Lash Extensions

Any unnecessary stress on lashes may cause them to fall out.  If you sleep on one side more than the other, this will cause wear on the lashes and you may lose more on that side.  Do not pick lashes or rub them.  This may cause the adhesive to loosen and lashes will fall out.  You may also cause damage to your natural lash by breaking the lash or causing your natural lash to be pulled out.  Remember… no natural lash, no lash extension! 


Eyeashes shed 3-5 natural lashes a day.  Lashes tend to fall out in higher quantities during the Fall and Spring.  This is absolutely normal.  Your lashes will thicken up once this cycle is complete.

 Overly Active Sebaceous Glands and/or Tear Ducts

Oil and salt are two compounds that break down lash adhesive.  The best way to combat these issues is to wash lashes daily.  Be sure to clean and prime lashes appropriately before application.  This will give the extensions a clean surface for maximum bonding during application. 

 Glue Life

Technicians must prep the lashes by cleaning with ProLash Lip and Eye Protein Remover and priming with IB Primer them before application to remove any oil, salt or debris from lashes.  The technician must use the appropriate amount of glue and place the lash extensions appropriately on the natural lash to ensure proper bonding.  Technicians must properly store glue in a refrigerator before using.  Once the bottle is opened, it is important that the technician keeps all air and moisture out of bottle to increase the life of the glue.  A glue pin is a great tool to use for this purpose.  Once the glue becomes tacky, it is not good and must be replaced.  ProLash High Performance Glue should be replaced 6-8 weeks after opened.  Unopened and stored in the refrigerator, glue can last up to 12 months after manufactured date.  ProLash lists this date on the bottom of the bottle. 

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