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Luxurious lashes you can't help but love. Create a natural look like nature intended or pump it up with a curl that just won't quit for that night out on the town!  Each tray contains 18 rows of lashes versus the traditional 12 to 14 rows per tray. Combine that with up to 200 lashes per row and this equals at least an extra 6 clients per case! Our competitive price is a reflection of our ability to buy these lashes directly from the manufacturer, an original producer of strip lashes. 

All about our lashes

Classic lashes are where it started, but not where it ends. We love our variety of classic lashes because we not only have C, D, & DD curl lashes, but we also have M curl lashes. Giving our lash techs the most variety of lashes is one of our top priorities for ProLash. Classic lashes gives our clients a little more umpf from their natural lashes especially if the clients main goal is to have longer lashes. Keeping in mind the integrity of the natural lashes, classic lashes can be applied to ultra lengthen a natural lash by using up to our 18 length lashes.

Volume lashes are the new talk of the town! You want a more dense looking lash line, volume lashes are where it's at. We offer a couple different options for volume lashes, including 5D, 7D and 10D lashes. These lashes will give you more of a fluffly and dense look to accentuate your eyes. Volume lashes from ProLash are made from faux mink material and have short stems that will make it even easier for application.