Body Care and Anti-Aging Products

Products used for Self Care and Anti-Aging!

Anti-Wrinkle Silicone Pads-reusable

V-Shape Lifting Mask

Mouth Tape

Blackhead Removal Nose Strips

Acne Pimple Patches

Steam Neck Warmer-5 per box (works for 8 hours on neck, knee, elbow, shoulder, etc.)

Steam Waste Warmer- 5 per box (works for 8 hours on abdomen, back, shoulders, etc.)

Eye Mask

Lip Mask

Hand Mask

Foot Mask


Lash & Brow Accessories

We have many different kind of complementary accessories to our lash and eyebrow products.

ProLash now carries health and beauty products. Under eye patches, reusable silicone masks, acne pimple patches, lip masks, foot masks, and hand masks. At ProLash we believe that beauty is hollistic and doesn't just apply to your lashes and brows.

Amonst our lash accessories, we have an array of tweezers. There are multiple tweezers that can both be used for eyebrows and for applying lashes. Our tweezers for applying lashes can work for both classic or volume lashes.