Lash Glue

Lash glue help to properly adhere the mink lash to your natural lash, followed by a lash sealant that further secures the lashes after the full set has been completed. Both are necessary products to keep your clients lashes lookin' their best for weeks to come.

Lash Glue Adhesive

No need to waste your time and money looking for the best lash extension glue and glue remover. We’ve done the hard work for you already. 

This is the highest quality adhesive, primer and remover we have found.  The glue dries quickly and lasts longer than any product that we have tested and it does not pool at the base of the lash.  The remover is gentle and gets the job done quickly. The primer preps the lashes for the adhesive to ensure they will last. These products will ensure you will have exceptional long lasting results!