Information About Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extension Information

What are individual eyelash extensions?  

Eyelash Extension Technicians apply individual faux mink lashes to your natural lashes using a gentle, long-lasting adhesive. The faux mink lash is applied on top of your individual natural lash about 1-2mm from the root of the natural lash. This process is continued until the lash set is full.  Applying the lashes creates a longer and fuller lash set. The size and length of the mink lashes vary from 8mm-15mm in length and .18-.25mm in thickness.

How are they applied?

1.  Pre-treatment/Protein Remover is used to remove any makeup, keratin or waste residue from natural lashes. This provides the technician with a clean slate to work on.

2.  Eye gel pads or medical tape is placed on lower lashes of each eye to protect them from the application process and to provide a platform for the technician to work on.

3. Extensions are placed on individual eyelashes using adhesive.

4.  Optional- A black or clear coating is applied to the base of the lashes to extend the life of the lash set.

5.  A gentle gel remover may be used to repair lashes or to gently remove the set without damaging the natural lash set.

6.  Clients will return and have technician fill the lashes every 2-4 weeks. (Steps 1-       4).

What are the benefits of getting eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions provide clients with dark, thick, long and beautiful lashes without the use of mascara on a daily basis. Lashes with-stand face washing, bathing and swimming for up to 4 weeks with appropriate care. They enhance and draw attention to the eyes in photos. Many lengths and thicknesses are offered for a natural day to day lash set or a more dramatic lash set for special events and pictures.

What lengths do they come in?

(Appropriate length used will depend on each individuals eyelid.)

     Short                  Medium/Average                   Long

8mm-11mm               11mm-13mm                13mm-15mm

What thicknesses are available?

(The thicker the lashes you use, the more dramatic they will be.)

Lighter Volume                   Natural Volume High                      Volume

      .18mm                                .18 and .20 .                           20 and .25

What curl is best?

(Appropriate curl depends on how deep each individuals eyes are and if they want a more natural or dramatic look. Tip: An individual with deep set eyes and/or someone who wants a more natural look tend to like a C curl lash. Someone who wants a more dramatic look and/or does not want the lashes to touch their glasses may want to use a D curl lash.)


              Natural                                       More Dramatic