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Lash Lift, Brow Lamination and Lash/Brow Growth Products

We are proud to introduce...

ShineE's state of the art "air tight" lash lifting and brow lamination pump technology...The KeratinUP One Touch Pump.  This pump holds more product and wastes less.  The pumps holds enough product to complete 40+ sets of eyelash lifts when used appropriately.  You may now purchase the pumps separately or in a kit. 

 Enhance your client's natural lashes with beautiful, nourished, long lasting curl in just 30 minutes.  We have tested multiple brands and ShineE is the lift that we have found that lasts the longest (6-8 weeks lash lift (Steps 1-3) and 8-12 weeks with keratin lash lift (Steps 1-4).  This lift conditions and repairs lashes during the application process, has the easiest application with better rods and application tools and completes more lash lifts per sachet.  ShineE gives your client a more even curl and does not kink when applied appropriately. Comparable kits on the market run 10-20% higher than ours and complete less clients.  *Note:  We purchase in higher quantities directly from the manufacturer so we can pay our savings forward to you.

Basic KeratinUP One Touch Lash Lift Kit:  Only...$189.95

Kit Includes:  The One Touch System (Steps 1-4- lift, fix, nourish and keratin), Y brushes (5 brushes), 1 Set of Small, Medium, Medium 1, Medium 2 and Large Pairs, 1 large Special Bonding Adhesive (5ml)

Premium KeratinUP One Touch Lash Lift Kit:   Only...$239.95!

Kit Includes:  The One touch System (Steps 1-4- lift, fix, nourish and keratin), Y brushes (5 brushes), 1 Set of Small, Medium, Medium 1, Medium 2 and Large Pairs), 1 large Special Bonding Adhesive (5ml), 1 Keratin UP Essence Clear Coating, 40 eye pads, 10 rings, micro remover sticks (100 pieces), 1 two sided rinsing dish and a Prolash bag.  

Pro KeratinUP One Touch Pump Replacement Set:  Only...$149.95!

Set Include "The One touch System"


#1 Lift - Breaks down the shape of the natural lash.

#2 Fix - Fixes the lash into its new shape, following the curve of the silicone  rod.

#3 Nourish - Moisturizes, repairs, nourishes and cleans lashes after treatment.

#4 Keratin - Boosts for longer, fuller, thicker and stronger lashes.

Individual KeratinUP One Touch Pumps:  Only...$38.95!

one pump of each #1 Lift, #2 Fix, #3 Nourish and #4 Keratin 

Lash Lift Adhesive:  

3.5ml tube:  Only...$18.95

5ml tube:  Only...$27.95!

KeratingUP Lash Growth Clear Coating:  Only...$28.95! (Covers the lashes to the lock the effect, protect, thicken and recover lash structure.)

5ml tube

Silicone Rods:  Only...$5.95!

1 Set of Small, Medium, Medium 1, Medium 2 and Large Pairs

Y Brushes:  Only...$10.95

5 brushes

Benefits of Keratin UP:

The KeratinUP One Touch lash lifting system promotes longer, fuller and thicker lashes without using synthetic lash tints that other brands offer.  KeratinUP is all about your real lashes.  Lash types may vary by person and ethnicity, therefore this product aims to enhance all short or long downward or straight growing lashes.  Aside from lifting your lashes, KeratinUp also repairs your lashes using a proprietary hydrolyzed keratin serum.  

This system offers the perfect preparation tools to start your lift.  It offers uniquely shaped silicone pads that create a more natural lift.  A "Y brush" tool that offers an amazing way to lift lashes to the silicone rod easily, straight and separated.  The SBA adhesive works hand and hand with the silicone rods and Y brush to create the perfect lift on lashes.

KeratinUP is a revolutionary line of products that promotes enhancement of lashes.  It's unique formulation will give you an advantage in the lash industry.  The Keratin serum, an alternative to "lash botox", is the first of its kind in the local lash industry.

KeratinUP lifts the lashes beautifully while the hydrolyzed keratin serum allows the lashes to grow stronger and longer.  The Keratin coating coats the lashes with keratin essence protecting the lash fiber and making each strand healthy from within.  

KeratinUP promotes longer, fuller and thicker lashes without the need to use synthetic lash tints that other brands offer.  KeratinUP is al about your real lashes.  It aims to enhance short Asian lashes that grow downwards to long and thick hispanic and East African lashes.  KeratinUP also repairs your lashes using our proprietary hydrolyzed keratin serum.  The treatment is concluded with a lash rebirth and lash lamination.  Clients should not wash face for 24 hours to effectively infuse the serum into the lash line.  


1.  Lift:  Sake-Kojic Extract, Emacol, Aroma, Cetanol, Mercaptoacetic acid, Eau.

2.  Fix:  Allantoin Biotin, Emacol, Aroma, Cetanol, Sodium bromate, Eau

3.  Bath/Nourish:  Vitamin P, Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract, NaPCA Zanthan Gum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hualuronic Acid Sodiu Salt, Monopropylene Glycol, Glycerol, Eau.

4.  Keratin:  Resveratrol, Rice Bran Oil, Curcumin, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Ethylhexylglycerin, PVP, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Propanediol, Eau.

SBA: PVOH, Glycerol, PEG 60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Water

PRECAUTIONS and Product Information:

1. For professional use only.

2.  Avoid direct skin contact and wear suitable gloves.

3.  Do patch test first before the treatment.  Avoid contact with eyes.  In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical assistance.  Artificial tears may be used after rinse.

4.  Rare cases of allergic reaction may occur.  In this case, stop application and seek medical attention.

5.  Shelf life of #1 Lift, #2 Fix, #3 Nourish, #4 Keratin, #5 KeratinUP clear coating, is 12 months without opening.  Shelf life of SBA is 6 months without opening.

6.  Silicone Curler and Y brush are disposable, single use only.

7.  Do not mix different solutions and always use new, separate brush to apply solutions.

8.  Steam face or water on lashes is only allowed 24 hours after treatment.  This is to prevent the damage of the curl.

9.  Air, tight, temperature and moist may affect all the solutions and adhesive.  Do not leave them under heat (ex. lighting such as spot light, LED lamp, sunlight, etc), fire, curling iron, hair dryer, etc.)  The best way to store them is in a cool, dark, dry place (do not put them in refrigerator).  About 20 degree Celsiums, 45-55% RH.  

10.  When you open the products, please use them all as soon as possible.

11.  Remember to clean the nozzle of SBA and the solutions.  Keep the cap tight after each use.  They may dry quickly when exposed to the air.  

12.  KeratinUP is EU compliant, GMP certified and EAC certified.  It has less additives, thus minimizing the possibility of any allergic reactions.  It is paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, dye-free and latex-free.

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