Nano Misters

$ 10.95 $ 39.95

Cure Lash Glue!

There's nothing small about what this Nano Mister can do!  From curing eyelash extension glue to hydrating the skin this Nano Mister provides big results.  The Nanometer Spray cures the glue within seconds so your clients are able to shower, swim, work out, and get lashes wet immediately.  The liquid is pelletized by ultrasound into .3-.5pm and thus has an absorption rate several times higher than other misters. The quick curing of the eyelash extension glue provides for longer lasting lashes, less lashes that stick together and most importantly, polymerized glue so clients do not have active adhesive close to their eyes.  It is also adds must needed moisture to dry, chapped skin.  

This system includes a USB cord for recharging that can be attached to your cell phone, computer or wall outlet. The shape and size of this Nano Mister make it easy to hold and therefore easier to use on clients!

Nano Mister - $29.95

Mini Nano Mister - $10.95 (incredibly easy to handle and powerful)

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