Adhesives: ProLash No.1 Platinum HIGH PERFORMANCE Lash Glue - 5ml and 10ml

$ 34.95

Finally, you've found it, the glue we've all been searching for.  As every lash tecnician knows the glue is where the magic happens and ProLash High Performance Long Lasting glue performs better than any other product we've found!  It has the perfect consistency making it very easy to work with and once applied to the lash it dries quickly allowing for faster application.  Best of all, this glue creates a bond that lasts and lasts.  You'll see the difference on your very first client and your clients will love the result!  It comes in two sizes, a 10ml and 5ml bottle, and each bottle comes with a glue pin to increase the life of the glue and alleviate those messy caps.  (ProLash glues are latex and formaldehyde free.)


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