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ProLash Eyelash/Brow Extension Gel Remover

Off in a New York minute!  ProLash Eyelash Extension Gel Remover aids in quickly and gently removing eyelash and eyebrow extensions.  *Non-Perfume

Important Application and Removal Information:

*Use gel remover on dry lashes.

*Remove gel remover and lashes with a dry cotton pad or q-tip.

*Do NOT wet lashes until removal is complete and all glue and lash extensions have been removed from lashes. Do NOT use a Nano mister during removal process.  

*"Remember...water de-activates gel remover and cures lash glue!"

*If a client has excessive tearing during lash application, discontinue lash application and wait until lashes are dry before proceeding with gel removal.  

"For Professional Use Only!"

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