BROW HENNA by Brazilian Brows

$ 27.95
Henna Brows from Brazilian Brows
Brazilian Brow Henna is the most natural on the market with the best performance. We stand for high quality and healthy products, precisely defined and naturally looking eyebrows due to its plant based formula. You can use this product to design, thicken and even out your eyebrows. Correct minor imperfections, frame your look and flaunt your natural beauty  
  • Made with natural extracts
  • EU registration / Safety assessment
  • Made in Brazil
  • Best quality


Henna set Includes:
  • 2,5 grams Henna

  • 10 grams Fixer

  • 1 scoop

  • Leaflet

*This product is for professional use.  Patch test always required. 

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