Brow Henna by Brazilian Brows

$ 27.95
Henna Brows from Brazilian Brows
Our plant based formula is designed to define and naturally thicken your eyebrows leaving you with an even & symmetrical shape. The Brazilian Brows Henna will help you flaunt your natural beauty, with only minor tweaking to your already natural looking features.

This product will allow you to give at least 35 customers their dream brows. Mixing the perfect ratio is really key here to help extend the product and application for your customers.

Mixing Ratio:
- 1 Scoop of Henna
- 2 Drops of Fixer
- 8 Drops of Mineral Water

In the Box:
- 2,5gr Henna Color
- 10gr fixer
- 1 plastic scoop
- Instruction manual

Made with Natural Extracts.
Made in Brazil.


*This product is for professional use.  Patch test always required. 

EU Registration / Safety Assessment Checked

Although our product has few alegic reactions, we would like to point out the following.
This product is for professional use. This means that you already have experience with dyeing eyebrows, have received training or have been trained by someone who could transfer the knowledge. We always recommend to do a test with the customer to prevent an alergic reaction. Read the description carefully before applying.

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