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Tint Products: Lash ~ Beard ~ Brow by Refectocil

$ 1.95

Refectocil Brow and Lash Tint:

The RefectoCil brand originated in the Vienna’s 9th district.  In 1930, the Viennese hairdresser Josef Gschwentner experimented with the development of his own hair dyes because he was dissatisfied with what was available on the market.  Soon he developed and launched the first professional eyebrow & eyelash dye, RefectoCil, and marketed it to make-up artists, beauty professionals and hairdressers all over the world.  RefectoCil products are now comprised of an extensive assortment of eyebrow and eyelash tints with 8 mixable colours, bleaching paste Blonde Brow and a sensitive range, as well as products for the perfect lashes; Eyelash Curl and Eyelash Lift. 


RefectoCil Brow & Lash Tints that are Plant Based for your Sensitive Clients Made Specifically for Green, Eco Friendly and Organic Salons 

Plant Based Tinting Gels -- 100% Organic, Vegan and All Natural

Cruelty Free, Dermatologically, Ophthalmologically Tested                                        

Useful Products:

Tint-Light Brown, Natural Brown, Pure Black, Blue Black, Graphite

Oxidant 3% (10Vol) Liquid Developer

Tint Applicaton Brush

Plastic Wrap

Styling Gel

Double Mixing Dish

*SAVE....Brow, Beard and Lash Tint Kit:  plastic wrap, double mixing dish, 3 tint colors, oxidant, tint applicator brush (mark 3 colors in notes) Only $59.95 ($6.94 discount)


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