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$ 13.95

"Straight / Slight Curve / Volume Tweezers"

Tweezers with a grip that just won't quit!  These professional grade tweezers have been handcrafted out of high quality stainless steel.  They have the perfect tension for a comfortable feel and fine tips that are great for isolating lashes ensuring a perfect application every time.  Their light weight and great ergonomics will make these your favorite tweezers the moment you put them in your hand.  We love the style and durability of the ProLash brand and we know you will too!

ProLash Tweezers:  *Anti Magnetic *Anti Acid *Non Corrosive *Stainless Steel

ProLash Rainbow (Straight Edge Tweezer)  $13.95

ProLash Rainbow (Slightly Curved Tweezer)  $13.95

ProLash Rainbow (Volume)  $13.95

ProLash Rainbow ("X" Tweezer)  $13.95

ProLash Silver Sparkle (Straight Edge Tweezer)  $13.95

ProLash Silver Sparkle (Slightly Curved Tweezer)  $13.95

ProLash Silver Sparkle (Volume)  $13.95

ProLash Rose Gold (Straight Edge Tweezer)  $13.95

ProLash Rose Gold (Slightly Curved Tweezer)  $13.95

ProLash Rose Gold (Volume Tweezer)  $13.95

ProLash Black Titanium (Straight Edge, Volume Tweezers)  $14.95

ProLash Black Titanium False Eyelash Tool  $14.95


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