Exclusive ProLash Professionals Only-Lash Lift and Tint and Brow Lamination Training Kit

$ 349.95


w/keratin treatment 

By ShineE and RefectoCil

$350.19 - Kit completes 40 sets when used appropriately.

ShineE KeratinUp One Touch Lift and Lamination Kit:  Steps 1-4 (#1 lift pump, #2 fix pump, #3 nourish pump, #4 keratin pump)

ShineE  Y brushes (set of five)

ShineE S, M, L silicone rods  (sets of five)

ShineE large 5 oz. special boding adhesive (SBA)

 20 eye pads

 5 rings

 20 micro remover sticks

 Double water dish (for mixing color and water for rinsing)

 ProLash mini train case

 RefectoCil Tint-Light Brown No. 3, .5 oz. Natural Brown No. 3 and Blue Black No. 2 Tint

 RefectoCil Liquid Oxidant 3%, 1.7 oz.

 Brow and Lash Double Sided Brush-slant and mascara brush

Double Sided Brush

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