Lash Lift-Brow Lamination

ShineE Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

Enhance your client's natural lashes with beautiful, nourished, long lasting curl in just 30 minutes.  We have tested multiple brands and ShineE is the lift that we have found that lasts the longest (6-8 weeks lash lift (Steps 1-3) and 8-12 weeks with keratin lash lift (Steps 1-4).  This lift conditions and repairs lashes during the application process, has the easiest application with better rods and application tools and completes more lash lifts per sachet.  ShineE gives your client a more even curl and does not kink when applied appropriately. Comparable kits on the market run 10-20% higher than ours and complete less clients.  

*Note:  We purchase in higher quantities directly from the manufacturer so we can pay our savings forward to you.

*Kit completes Up to 40+ lash lifts.